Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enjoy Summer As a Teenager

Summer vacation is a very happy time in a teenagers life. No longer must you worry about school. The world is yours, and you can do (almost) anything! Time for the beach, friends, and SUMMER! Time for FUN!!!
1. If it's okay with your parents,    and if you have the money, sign up for a week or so of summer camp.
2.Take advantage of your talents now! Use and improve your skills while you have time. It may become a hobby to enjoy once you're good at it! Lets say you are enthused about classic cars.
3. Relax. Summer isn't ALL fun and games. It can also be a time for resting your brain after all that hard work at school. 
4. Sign up for a sport. You will learn to work in a group, which will be beneficiary in life and it will be fun. Choose one that you truly enjoy or that requires the skills that you have. 

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